Binding recommendation on continuation of studies (BSA)

All students taking a Bachelor’s degree programme at TU Delft will receive a Binding Recommendation on Continuation of Studies (BSA in Dutch) at the end of their first year of study. This means that you will have to gain a certain minimum of 45 ECTS credits during your first year of studies in order to be allowed to proceed to the second year. Which is 3/4 of the total number (60 ECTS) of credits you can achieve during the first year. 

If you fail to achieve this norm, your registration for the programme will be terminated and you will not be allowed to register for the same programme for four years. It goes without saying that you will receive interim advice and guidance during the year. You'll receive two interim recommendations during your first year:

  • in March (based on your results in the first (fall) semester
  • in August (based on your results in the first (fall) and second (spring) semesters

These interim recommendations help you to gauge how likely you are to successfully pass the BSA. If you've received a negative recommendation, it is wise to examine the reasons for doing so. You can always contact the academic counsellors of your faculty for help.

The finale Binding Recommendation is based on your results in the complete first BSc-year, including any resits in August.