Binding recommendation on continuation of studies

All Bachelor's programmes at TU Delft are subject to a binding recommendation on the continuation of studies (BSA). This means that you must obtain at least 75% of your credits in the first academic year in order to continue your degree programme; this is 45 ECTS.

If this requirement is not met, your enrolment will be automatically terminated at the end of the academic year, and you will not be able to re-enrol for the same degree programme for a period of four years. Naturally, you will receive interim recommendations, support and guidance throughout the year.

The degree programmes Mechanical Engineering and Maritime Engineering are subject to a joint BSA. This means that if you get a negative BSA for one of these programmes, you will not be able to enrol on the other programme for a period of four years.

You will receive recommendations at the following times:

  • March: interim recommendation based on results from the first semester.
  • Start of August: interim recommendation based on results from the first and second semester.
  • End of August: definitive BSA based on the results from the entire first academic year, including any resits taken in August.

The interim recommendations provide an indication of whether or not you will achieve a positive BSA. If you have received a negative interim recommendation, it is important to determine the reason for your academic results. We advise you to contact your faculty‚Äôs academic counsellor. You can also contact the Career & Counselling Services about workshops and training courses to improve your study skills.

The definitive BSA is issued no later than 31 August.

*If you are not officially enrolled at TU Delft this may have consequences for your tuition fees, student grant and student travel pass. You can find more information about enrolling and terminating your enrolment here.