Central Complaints Desk for students

If you have a complaint about TU Delft, or a particular faculty or staff member(s), it is important that you first attempt to resolve the problem with that staff member(s) or department directly. You should explain your complaint and ask for a response. If you are unable to resolve the matter in this way, you can contact the Central Complaints Desk for students. The Complaints Desk will put your complaint to the individual or department concerned and ask them to cooperate in finding a solution. If you do not agree with the result, you can contact the ombudsman for students.

The Central Complaints Desk for students is part of the Education and Student Affairs Section (ESA), and is managed by the team of student counsellors. Depending on the nature of your complaint, a student counsellor will determine how and by whom your complaint will be handled. This is usually the head of Education and Student Affairs at the faculty concerned. In some cases, the central student counsellor will decide that he/she needs to handle the case personally or refer it to the ombudsman for students.

Complaints must be legally processed within six weeks of receipt, with the possibility of extension to ten weeks. The adjournment shall be notified in writing to the complainant and to the person whose conduct the complaint relates to. Further postponement is possible to the extent that the complainant agrees to this in writing.

Please note: 
The complaints desk does not handle complaints about the content and assessment of exams (grade). If you disagree with an examiner's decision (no mark, mark you find too low, etc.) you can appeal to the Examination Appeals Board (CBE) within six weeks of the date of the decision. 

The following applies to an appeal against a grade of the content of an examination: 

  • First, consult the examiner about your objections to see if you can reach a solution together. Take into account the appeal period of six weeks (after registration of the grade in Osiris).
  • If this does not lead to an agreement, you can submit a written and substantiated appeal to the CBE within the stated appeal period.
  • The CBE will assess whether your appeal is admissible. It can therefore take a few weeks before you receive a response.
  • The CBE will then ask the relevant Board of Examiners to investigate whether a settlement between you and the examiner is possible. To this end, you may be invited by the Board of Examiners for an amicable settlement meeting.
  • If an amicable settlement is not possible, a hearing will follow at the CBE where you can clarify your appeal. A few weeks later you will receive the decision from the CBE.

The processing time for an appeal to the CBE can take up to several months. 

Do you have a complaint -> complaints desk
If you do not agree with a grade/content of the exam -> consult the examiner -> possible appeal to CBE
If you do not agree with a decision of the Board of Examiners -> appeal to CBE

Please note: an appeal against a partial grade is not possible.