Modern Migration Policy Act

The TU Delft is obliged by law to monitor the study progress of international students residing in the Netherlands on a residence permit. The Modern Migration [MoMi] Policy Act concerns all Non-European students with a student residence permit applied for via TU Delft.

A non-EU student must pass at least 50% of the nominal study workload (in ECTS) in an academic year. If you are in a preparation year or bridging programme, you need to have 100% in credits. In the event of insufficient study progress, the educational institution will have to report this to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service [IND], which could lead to having your residence permit revoked, and having to leave The Netherlands.

Note that all BSc students need to get at least 75% (or 45 ECTS) in their first year in order to be allowed to continue to their second year.


Students remain responsible at all times for having a valid residence permit. Please note that your residence permit has limited validity, generally coinciding with the academic year (see your card for "geldig tot" or expiry date). Please know what the exact expiry date of your residence permit is and make sure that you are making sufficient study progress. Do not forget to check this in OSIRIS regularly. Find more information about MoMi and exemptions here*. (i.e. appendix 16 of the Student Charter.)

MoMi Timeline

In April, you will receive a personal email via your account with an overview of the credits you obtained thus far in the current academic year. If you are on track and will obtain at least 50% of your study points in the academic year, you will be allowed to continue your study (and renew your residence permit). Students who have started their study later in the year (for example in February) need to obtain at least 50% of the proportional part of their study. So if your study progress is on track, no action is required.
Otherwise, you must start taking action now!

  • If your overview lacks obtained credits, please contact the OSA of your faculty.
  • If you study progress is not on track, or you have questions about your study progress, contact the academic counsellor of your faculty to discuss your situation.

If you think you might run into problems, it is wise to first check the rules and exemptions in appendix 16 of the Student Charter.  Do not wait scheduling an appointment with your supervisor about you thesis, internship or project and/or your academic counsellor, to discuss your situation. You may even be referred to one of the central student counsellors. Keep in mind that the holiday season is coming up and don’t wait until the last moment.

Download the MoMi Study Progress Form (prefarably in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox). If your ECTS cannot (yet) be registered due to the fact that it concerns writing a thesis; an internship; or a study project, you will need your supervisor and academic counsellor to fill in and sign the MoMi Form. Then send in the MoMi form (with relevant enclosures) to a.s.a.p. and at latest by 28 August this year.

In August you will again receive an email with your credit overview, now updated with the results of the July exams. And if your study progress is on track, no action is required. But: 

  • if you find your July overview lacking obtained credits, please contact the OSA of your faculty.
  • this is your last chance to explain your [apparent] lack of progress by having the MoMi Form filled in, signed and send the MoMi form (with relevant enclosures) to, at latest by 28 August this year.


In the first week of September all MoMi-students who still have not obtained sufficient credits should check whether their results of re-exams have been registered correctly in OSIRIS. All students who still do not meet MoMi requirements, and have not provided a signed MoMi study progress form to CIO in time, now run the risk of losing their residence permit.

The MoMi Committee, that meets in September, will discuss all these MoMi-students and finally report (lack of) study progress to the IND. The students themselves will also be informed by the MoMi Committee. As a result, the IND will then either let your residence permit expire automatically, or may inform you that your permit will be revoked.

Note: if applicable, do no forget to finalise your re-enrolment before September 1

All other students who have received a positive MoMi email, will now also receive an invitation to come to CIO at a certain date and time to renew your residence permit.  You will have to send in several forms: (see elsewhere on this site)

  • Copy of your passport
  • Declaration for Extension Residence Permit
  • Antecedents Certificate

During your visit to CIO we will check all papers, and ask you to pay (pin machine) via TU Delft to the IND the amount of EUR 161,-. Turkish nationals will be charged EUR 51,-. (The amounts may be changed by the IND in January and July of every year)

You will receive an email when your new residence permit is ready, and where and when to pick up your card.

Should you have to go abroad before you receive your new residence permit, you might need to apply for an extra return visa (EUR 150,-) to enter the Netherlands. If so, please contact CIO directly at with all travel details and your name and student number.