What is the Student Council?

The Central Student Council is legally the only body that represents the interests of all students at Delft University of Technology. TU Delft is governed by an Executive Board (CvB), which is assisted by two representative bodies. The Student Council is the representative body run for and by students, and the Works Council is the body for TU Delft staff members. The Student Council consists of ten members, divided between two parties – ORAS and Lijst Bèta. Elections are held each year in May to choose the council members for the next year.

The Student Council advises the Executive Board on decisions that need to be taken. These include decisions regarding student support and guidance, student regulations and requirements, workspaces and other student facilities. The Student Council has the right of approval on a number of issues; i.e. any plans that TU Delft wishes to introduce in relation to these matters must first be approved by the Student Council.  

The Student Council also has the right of initiative. This means that the Student Council, assisted by staff members, is able to propose and initiate ideas for improving education and student affairs at TU Delft. Some successful examples include the mechanics and mathematics helpdesk in the university library, and the Collegerama.

Each month, the Student Council meets with the Executive Board’s Vice-Rector Magnificus/Vice-President Education. These meetings are open to everyone.