Grant arrangements for student activities

For financial support for culturally and socially educational activities that are organized for and by students, including some sports activities.

Objective, content and scope

This regulation, which is intended to facilitate activities that meet the grant requirements, applies to requests related to the social and cultural education of TU Delft students; this also includes one-off sporting events. Sponsorship does not fall within the scope of this regulation.

The organization of an activity should be undertaken by an organization comprised of members of TU Delft’s student body. Moreover, the activity should be organized to meet the needs of the student body. The event must have a minimum of 50 participants and is not open to association members only. The activities should therefore have a public character, and consequently the activity should be publicized in an appropriate manner.

General grant requirements

To be considered for a grant, a written application must be submitted to the Unit Sports and Culture. The application must be submitted no later than 1 October, 1 December, 1 February and 1 June, and at least 6 weeks before the activity commences. The application must include:

  1. Details of the purpose and content of the activity
  2. Details on how the activity is to be organised (organisation, committee)
  3. Information relating to the target group, the intended number of participants and, where applicable, the ratio of TU Delft students to others
  4. A program summary and dates
  5. A statement of the extent to which the activity is private of public and the degree of publicity to be given to the activity.
  6. An overview of possible reciprocal activities
  7. Upon request: any further details required for the evaluation of the grant application

The request should be accompanied by a budget. The following should be submitted:

1.    A statement of financial contributions by the organization and the participants in the activity.
2.    An indication of other sources of income (sponsorship).
3.    An invoice and financial account for the previous year, if a grant was received in that year.

Allocation of the grant

The primary rule is that activities which meet the sponsorship requirements may be eligible for sponsorship. The activity must at least meet the following 3 criteria:

1.       The activity is organised by and for students.
2.       The nature of the activity is open.
3.       The activity has at least 50 participants and at least 75% of the participants are students.

The sum awarded will depend on the degree to which TU Delft students take advantage of the activity concerned and on the number of applications per period. In addition, the application will also be evaluated with regard to the innovative nature of the activity concerned, and assessed on the basis of TU Delft's current policy and relevant spearheads.

Once a sponsorship has been awarded, the organisation will receive 75% of the awarded sum.

The organization must submit a final invoice as soon as possible after the completion of the activity. This must include the following:

  1. A detailed operational overview and subsequent explanation.
  2. A report of the completed activity.
  3. A statement of contributions made by parties other than TU Delft (the organization itself, third-parties, and so forth).
  4. A statement of the total number of participants/visitors, in which the number of TU Delft students must be explicitly stated.

Special stipulations

If changes have occurred to the reasons why a grant request was approved or rejected, a decision can be taken to reconsider.

The grant-receiving organization agrees to inform the Executive Board of any changes, such as cancellations, relocations, etc.
The grant-receiving organization will place at the Executive Board's disposal all books and documents, in so far as they are not related to personal information.
The organization provides all relevant information necessary for assessing the suitability of the activity to be executed by the organization.

The Unit Sports and Culture reserves the right to deviate from these regulations.


The sponsorship application should be addressed to: using this application form.