Outgoing Exchange Application Procedure

TU Delft highly values international study experiences for students. In order to make that happen we offer students the opportunity for an exchange at one of our partner universities abroad. If you are planning on applying for an exchange in the 1st semester or 2nd semester of 2022-2023 please log in to osistud.tudelft.nl to submit an application. Please consult the Manual for Exchange Application for step by step instructions and clarifications. Ensure you also visit your Faculty’s Brightspace or website for further instructions.

Before you apply please ensure you visit your Faculty’s study abroad website or Brightspace page for detailed instructions on the required documents or available places.

Dates and Deadlines

To be announced.

Important Faculty links

Visit your own Faculty’s Study Abroad website or Brightspace page by clicking the link below.

Important note: For Brightspace pages you must first enrol for the “course”.

If students are not enrolled in Brightspace yet for the specific course they will receive a “not authorized” error. This applies for all Faculties that link to a Brightspace page.

Latest News

The TU Delft Executive Board has made the informed decision to allow student exchange programmes for the first semester of the academic year 2022-2023. Students can travel to EU (Erasmus +) partner universities and Non-EU partner universities. Up to date information regarding travel advice can be found on the Dutch government website.  

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