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Going abroad, even for study purposes, might bring risks that you didn't expect in advance. To effectively prepare you for these unexpected situations the university organises travel safety instructions. When you are travelling to hazardous countries, based upon the travel advice of our government, you are obliged to participate in one of these instructions. When travelling to non-hazardous areas, the instructions are not mandatory, but you are free to participate. The purpose of the travel advice, based on a colour code which is explained in this video, is to provide objective information and advice to help you make better-informed decisions about foreign travel.

The instructions are organised once per month/six weeks. When you want or have to participate, you can apply by sending an e-mail to It is important to register for the instructions, since they will focus on the countries to be visited by the participants. Make sure to include this information in your registration e-mail:

  • Name, e-mail address, telephone number and faculty
  • Information about your travel plans
  • Preferred language of instruction

For some countries, a medical examination prior to your visit is obligated. The SGZ provides a basic examination for free. However, some external examinations are excluded:

  • Chest x-ray: €42,50
  • Mantoux test for TBC: €31,-
  • Lab or blood testing: around €25,-