Institut Teknologi Bandung

International Virtual Course on Multidisciplinary Optimization and Machine Learning for Engineering Design (MDOML-2021)


To be held virtually on 19 July – 5 August 2021.


20 May 2021: Open registration
19 June 2021: Application deadline
23 June 2021: Announcement of selected participants
19 July 2021: First day of virtual course


This course is free for students from around the world!

Eligible participants:

  • Senior Undergraduate Students
  • Graduate Students
  • Non-Student Participants (Fees: 175 USD)

Institut Teknologi Bandung

International Virtual Course in Agriculture (IVC-Agri)

To be held virtually on 2-13 August 2021

The course is equivalent to 2 credit units at no cost for participation

The pre-registration is open until 19 July 2021

Students can fill in the form at

Institut Teknologi Bandung

Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) is organizing the International Virtual Courses (IVCs) 2021 and gladly welcoming the participation of your students (undergraduate / graduate students) - FREE OF CHARGE for students! 

This year, we have a great number of choices. The list of courses and the course descriptions can be found here. Dates vary in between June - October, 2021. Registration is done using the following link.