Aalto University Summer School

Aalto University Summer School courses for 2021 have been published and the application period is open.

We offer four graduate-level intensive courses over summer 2021.

Students working towards a master’s degree and professionals with an undergraduate degree are warmly welcome to apply.

Our course topics this year include entrepreneurship, digital business, carbon-neutral construction and wellbeing architecture, as well as sustainable biomaterials.

All courses are worth 6 ECTS and include a two-week intensive period, as well as pre- or post-assignments. There are both online and on-campus options available.

In addition to short summer school courses, we offer the 3-month-long summer minor Information Technology Program (ITP), worth 24 ECTS.

ITP accepts applications from students with over 60 ECTS completed in their bachelor’s degree as the minimum requirement.

Please see the ITP website for more information.

Future of Work – free open online course by Aalto University

Aalto University launches Future of Work, a free open online course for anyone who wants to learn about the changing landscape of work. The course is a curated collection of the most relevant academic research on the future of work authored by Research Director and University Lecturer Hertta Vuorenmaa, Professor Kristiina Mäkelä and Aalto University’s Executive-in-Residence Juha Äkräs.We are amid a revolution of work, which started already long before the pandemic – and the pandemic has only sped up the process. Making sense of the future of work can feel tricky in the middle of a constant information overflow.

The easily accessible and self-directed course helps you obtain a holistic understanding of the reasons behind and the implications of the changing face of work on an individual,
organisational and societal level.

Prepare yourself for new ways of working – in this course, you’ll learn what organisational culture and structures will look like in the future, how technology and AI will affect how we work and how leadership and management will change going forward. Read more about the course here.

Register for the course and come learn with us!