Online Course: BEC Basic Module - Reflection and Responsibility (6 ECTS)

TU Berlin

Attempts to diagnose the present generally appeal to conditions of crisis, precocity and complexity - rapid and coordinated action to meet the challenges of the climate catastrophe, automation, the housing crisis, or transformation of the transportation or healthcare sectors appears critical. These local to planetary scale challenges are not merely problems of technical feasibility, but rather raise fundamental normative questions:

How can we implement strategies that ensure emerging technologies do not reproduce oppressive power relations? What contribution can my discipline make to an equitable mobility transformation? What are our values and visions for responsible futures, and how should they be developed?

The “BEC Basic Module – Reflection and Responsibility” of the Berlin Ethics Certificate (BEC) lays the foundations for addressing ethical issues both within and beyond one’s own discipline and provides an introduction to current topics and case studies that can be explored in greater depth in further modules of the BEC.



MOOC: Data Literacy Compact Course (3 ECTS)

RWTH Aachen

The Data Literacy Compact Course is an online course, which is open to students of the ENHANCE partner universities. The course teaches fundamental and interdisciplinary data literacy skills – from an initial understanding of data and data literacy concepts to the collection and analysis, as well as FAIR management and communication of data to data-driven insight and decision-making. The course is to be completed through self-study and includes videos and quizzes with English subtitles. Completion of the course is recorded upon passing the ENHANCE a written online-exam.

This 3 ECTS MOOC is offered by RWTH Aachen and is a mandatory part of the ENHANCE Certificate in Data Literacy. It starts on November 1 and can be studied self-paced on RTWHmoodle.

Applications will be accepted until October 27.