3e+ Summer School 2021


Dear Students,

logo_colstands for Energy, Excellence and Excitement. But it also stands for Extra Experience, Expanded Education and Effective Evolvement.

Join us at Wrocław University of Science and Technology - one of the top technical universities in Poland- for special summer edition of 3E+ Summer School! We hope to see you in person in September, when we will finally be able to say - the pandemic is over!

If not, we are ready to meet you online.

Both ways, you can earn 4 ECTS points! 

3E+ offers 60 hours of interactive, small-scale courses (max. 10 students). They are designed to provide an intensive, in-depth look at your topic of study. This year, we propose the following courses to choose from:


  • Introduction to Data Science with Python
  • It’s a MEMS, MEMS world …
  • MEMS and mechatronic systems with LabVIEW
  • Opportunities and challenges in Modern Nanotechnology and Photonics
  • Design Thinking for Innovation and Sustainable Development
  • Selected aspects of designing, managing and securing computer networks. Connections redundancy, attack protection and threat detection
  • Project Management
  • Diffusion of innovations: theoretical and empirical background
  • Thermal comfort and renewable energy for low energy buildings
  • Is the future of Raw Materials and Geodesy Digital?
  • The influence of regulation and economy on the development of the energy sector
  • Deep learning methods for biomedical data analysis
  • Green fuels and environment
  • Quality control and technical evaluation of building and civil engineering structures
  • Architecture and Construction - the general issues

3E+ also offers Polish language and culture course. ‘After hours’, almost every afternoon and evening, we deliver a wide range of activities. From City sightseeing tours, sports activities to all day trips outside the City of Wrocław.

See the details here: https://summerschools.pwr.edu.pl/3e-plus/3e-2021-summer-edition

or contacts us at: events@pwr.edu.pl