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Study Practicalities

Current measures related to your studies

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Additional measures per faculty:

Tools & activities

Here you can find an overview of tools and activities that can be of help during (remote) studying
Corona related stress? More balanced lifestyle? These are examples of programmes you can find in in the e-Health tool. The e-health tool is an online tool where you can start improving your mental wellbeing in a free, simple and anonymous way
Workshops and training courses on studying effectively, getting personal support, programme choice and careers.
Are there personal problems that make you feel uncomfortable? On Tuesday evenings, Boost focuses on mental well-being. One of the counsellors will gladly answer any questions you may have about these or other issues.
Information about a specific disability and the measures and facilities that can be used to prevent/remedy problems.
Get in touch with other students with a disability and/or chronical disease.
Are you looking for a study buddy? A study buddy can help you study. Or do you want to help fellow students yourself?
Coaching by a life coach and personal support.
Online service on Sunday at 11:30am (CET).
A weekly talk show where your corona concerns and questions are discussed.
Does lockdown have you missing social contact? Are you new in Delft and would you like to meet people? Would you like to make some new friends? Or do you just miss the old-fashioned comradery?
Then the Walk & Talk is something for you! Enjoy a cup of coffee or a nice cup of thee on behalf of the VSSD and meet some new people!
You only have to let us know your name and e-mailadress, and we will set you up!

UNLOCKING… Educators of TU Delft!

Do you know your educators well? What drives them? What is their vision on learning, self-development and well-being? And what lessons have they learned so far? 

In this series of interviews, TU Delft’s educators share their personal stories with you: from the dreams they once had to their hobbies and passions, and the hurdles they’ve encountered. Get inspired, and get to know the person behind the screen! 

You can find all previous episodes of UNLOCKING... Educators of TU Delft here.

Episode 1: Rob Mudde

Episode 9: Annoesjka Cabo

Previous episodes of UNLOCKING… Educators of TU Delft

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