Time Out Café

15 November 19:00 - 22:00

The genie out of the bottle. The bear is loose but it was always there.   

Through ‘The Voice’, transgressive behaviour and abuse of power is the number one item on the agenda in business, healthcare and also in training. 7% of students are bullied, 3 in 10 of students experience insecurity during their studies, 1 in 10 women have been raped during their student days, 4 in 10 victims do not feel safe to share this and almost half of LGBTIQ+ students feel discriminated against. 

Wooow. And how are you? Everything good? Thats okay too! But let's talk about it.  

Put the 15th of November in your diary. Time for an honest conversation and a good dose of humor in the Auditorium of TU Delft. Together with your fellow students, roommates, yearmates, teachers, and deans. A chill evening and contributing to improving your own situation and that of the people around you.   

This show will be Dutch language only. 

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