Have you heard of the Uni-Life app? It is the ultimate online platform for all university events. Although social distancing is preventing all of us from coming together physically, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to make the most out of your student life. 

With Uni-Life you will have direct access to events from more than 100 TU Delft associations, including fascinating webinars, game nights, networking opportunities, home workouts, and much more.

NEW: you now have the chance to connect with lots of other TU Delft students! The best part is that it’s very simple, requires low commitment and is completely anonymous. 

Whether you’re looking for someone to: 

  • Inspirationally shout at you as your gym buddy
  • Battle in a fierce FIFA competition
  • Join you in your Harry Potter marathon
  • Help you cook a marvellous meal
  • Accompany you on a relaxing stroll
  • Challenge in an 'all-you-can-sing' karaoke session

You can either set up your own small initiative or join a large TU Delft WhatsApp group about a topic that you love!

Make sure to download the app now (http://onelink.to/6s4ehf). Don’t be shy and start finding other like-minded TU Delft students today!

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