Tips for staying healthy while studying at home:


#1: Daily routine

Make a daily and weekly schedule and keep the routine. Get out of bed on time every day and get dressed. Make a daily plan with clearly allocating time for your studies and other activities.

#2: Setting goals

Set realistic goals and do not forget to take regular breaks and exercise (guideline: 45 minutes of study, 15 minutes break). 

#3: Switch between activities

Have you finished studying? Clear away your study materials and shut down your computer – study time is over.

#4: Keep moving

If you are studying at home, it is important to keep moving enough. Make sure you have enough variety between the tasks you do. Go outside once in a while for a breath of fresh air, especially if you are feeling tense. 

#5: Do you have questions?

You may have questions about your education: How are your studies progressing? Or do you sometimes feel lonely sitting at home alone? For someone to talk to you can contact the academic counsellor of your own faculty, who can be reached by phone or Skype. Besides the academic counsellor, there is also an online tool:

#6: Finally: Stay in contact with others 

Becoming a member of an association is for example a good way to get to know people with the same interests, to develop yourself and to participate in activities.