Fizzy Robotic Ball

Interactive robotic ball helps children with cancer

Industrial design engineers do not shy away from a challenge. Creating innovative solutions for societal and practical challenges comes naturally to many researchers and students. At this moment a team, supervised by PhD-candidate and design engineer Boudewijn Boon, is dedicated to developing a promising solution for the Prinses Máxima Centre for child oncology. They are working on ‘Fizzy’.

Fizzy is a robotic ball that challenges young children in the hospital to play and move. Fizzy contributes to a faster recovery, promotes the development of the child and helps create a more pleasant time while in the hospital.

Fortunately, more and more children with cancer are getting better. But that does not mean that they can do everything they want. Fizzy is a project in which smart technology and design create meaningful  impact.

The first experiences with Fizzy are very positive, but the current design is still rough. To be able to test the ball with children in the Princess Máxima Center, the prototype must first be improved. The robotic ball has to  become more compact and easier to clean. Its robustness has to be improved as well and extra research is needed to improve Fizzy’s adaptability to the child.

The Delft University Fund supports pioneering research with great social impact. Fizzy is a wonderful example where smart technology and design ensure great impact. With your financial support, the prototype can be improved and tested in the hospital this year. Do you help?