Green hydrogen will play a key role in the energy transition, yet there are many challenges. E.g. how to implement H2 into the energy landscape following RePowerEU, how to effectively introduce H2 for shipping, aviation and urban applications, how to achieve cost reduction in electrolysis for scale up, how to cost efficiently get wind energy to shore, in what sectors to introduce H2 first, etc.  

The related scientific challenges are typically multi-disciplinary and therefore the goal of the TU Delft H2-Platform is to bring together the researchers, research infrastructure and project opportunities to address them effectively. We aim for a recognizable role of TU Delft in the energy transition as a Hydrogen-Accelerator.  

The following themes have been defined within the Hydrogen platform:  

  1.     Hydrogen for sustainable aviation and shipping
  2.     Hydrogen for the built environment to achieve (near) energy autonomy
  3.     Off shore hydrogen production  
  4.     Large scale hydrogen storage, transport and distribution
  5.     Comprehensive Engineering of Hydrogen Systems

At TU Delft over 200 researchers are involved with Hydrogen and are co-working in over 50 projects. Fieldlabs available for Hydrogen research and innovation include the ESP and TGV. Furthermore, unique research facilities include off shore production of hydrogen, storage and distribution, sustainable shipping and aviation, hydrogen for and in the urban environment and integrated hydrogen-energy systems.

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