Registering with SUPAIR is completely free. Please fill out your registration as completely as possible. The more we know, the better we can search for that perfect job.

These five steps are how it works:

Step 1: Online registration

Register on our website (free) and upload your grades and photo. Please note: There will not be any opportunity to upload your own resume, so make sure the form is fully filled out. We use this information to duly prepare for your intake interview, so the fewer details we have, the harder it is to conduct a proper interview.

Do you have the Dutch nationality? Use the Dutch form to register.
If you experience any problems, email/call us: / 015 278 65 27.

You will receive an email confirming your registration, as well as a resume based on your registration. Within a week, we will come back to you and invite you to an intake.

Step 2: Intake interview

Here at SUPAIR we take our time getting to know you. The intake interview takes about an hour and a half. We use this time to get into detail about what your talents are and what motivates you. 

Step 3: Applying to vacancies

We contact you as soon as we have a fitting vacancy. Details are discussed over the phone, or we ask you to come by our offices. Keep an eye on our website; if there is anything that piques your interest, do not hesitate to get in touch. Once we decide to go for it, your anonymised resume and motivation are sent to the client.

Step 4: Job interview

After sending in your resume, we let you know whether you will be invited for an interview as soon as possible. Sometimes, we have some extra tips and information regarding the procedure and ask you to come back in so that we can help you prepare. After the interview, we always like to hear back from you, so give us a call to tell us how it went. 

Step 5: Starting the job

Match found? An offer is soon to follow. We take care of all the paperwork, even if you directly sign on with our client. We always want to hear how you fare, so expect us to keep in touch even after you started your new job. 


Do you speak Dutch? Use the Dutch form to register.
Otherwise use the English form to register.

At SUPAIR we respect your privacy. Read more about how we handle your personal informatie in our privacy statement.