1472 - junior Logistic Software Developer

(automated guided vehicles)

The company

This Zuid-Holland based company, with offices in Germany, Romania and the US, is a leading international provider of automated fleet management systems. Their software supplies customers with advanced control over their automated equipment, such as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), automated Shuttle Carriers (ShCs), Automated Stacking Cranes (ASCs) and Ship-to-Shore cranes (QCs).

They currently have the only proven system worldwide for controlling a complex robotized terminal and have shown to be up to the task over the past 10 years. Clients are terminals in Hamburg, Antwerp and Rotterdam and their fleet management system is to be deployed at several other terminals in the near future.

Automation of terminals should guarantee an exemplary performance and a stable operation. The complexity of a real life terminal poses high demands on the control of automated equipment. Control software therefore plays a crucial role in meeting the promises of terminal automation and should guarantee that equipment is used to its full operational potential.

The job

You will work on several challenging problems that support state of the art container terminals in automated container transport. The emphasis is on the back end of the application and during these projects there is a good balance between training on the job and working independently. The software consists of a number of standard modules, however the product has to be configured in a unique way for each customer. Small teams are assigned to work on one or several modules such as the user interface, the routing component or the module that controls one of the robotic components. Because the equipment is in continuous development, you will have to develop a working knowledge of their functionality and technical specifications. In this way, you learn how to give orders to the equipment, eventually meeting the complex challenge of getting a fleet of robotic vehicles from A to B as efficiently as possible, without any accidents.

While gaining more and more experience you grow into an experienced developer that actively contributes to the further development of the product. Customers have high demands on the product’s stability, scalability and performance. Each time a new terminal goes live and about a 100 automated vehicles support the operation efficiently and accident-free, you can be proud of another team achievement!

Job requirements

  • TU, discipline Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
  • Good knowledge of Java
  • Team player, good communicative skills and pro active
  • Good knowledge of the English language both orally and written


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