1745 - Electrical Engineer

(hardware and software)

The company

This company in Zuid-Holland provides pipeline inspection and integrity services. Their experience and high technology leads to confident assessment of pipelines. They provide the most accurate geometry inspection, pipeline camera inspection, and intelligent pigging or corrosion inspection.

They are a fast growing, internationally operating service provider for the pipeline industry. Customers are involved in maintenance or construction of gas and oil transmission pipelines, gas distribution, refinery and plant piping and water industry.

The job

You’ll be working on "smart pigs”: devices which are used for various maintenance operations inside pipe lines. Surface pitting and corrosion, as well as cracks and weld defects in steel/ferrous pipelines are often detected using magnetic flux leakage (MFL) pigs. Inspection of the pipes is done without stopping the flow in the pipeline.

These devices are highly sophisticated instruments which include electronics and sensors that collect various forms of data during their trip through the pipeline. The electronics can be exposed to environments ranging from highly basic to highly acidic, extremely high pressure and temperature. Power for the electronics is typically provided by onboard batteries which are also sealed to prevent leakage. Data recording is done by solid-state memory within these smart pigs.

The job consist of two parts:
1.    Programming the devices using C and VHDL.
2.    Developing PCB’s using the Altium design platform.

You do not have to be skilled in both aspects. If you see yourself do one of these two, you are also welcome to apply.

There are senior engineers who will introduce you into the work and help you along the way. Except from production, this company does everything in-house. Colleagues can show you how the mechanics work, how the electronics are installed and how data is being processed.

For you to get a good understanding of how these devices are being used by operators, you might go on an international field trip. Visiting sites however is not part of the job.

Job requirements

  • TU, discipline Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • Flexible, hands-on and stress resilient
  • Independent and a team worker
  • Fluent both orally and written in English


Non-EU engineers graduated in the Netherlands are also welcome to apply.
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