There are various ways to be become active in the sustainability movement at TU Delft.

  • Are you student? Join any of the sustainable student organisations (see the links below this page), such as one of the GreenTeams, via GreenTU.
  • Are you an employee? Join any of the theme teams that you find on the left, via the Sustainability Coordination (see the bottom info of this page)

The TU Delft community refers to all people using the campus: students, PhDs, postdocs, academic staff, lecturers, supporting staff, managers, external parties and citizens of Delft. Involving these people in a complicated task such as the sustainability transition, requires an approach on several levels: Governance, Social Engagement, Communication, Reporting.


Structural change is needed in the way organisations are managed. This refers to clear goals but also to new ideas of management, including carbon prices, total cost of ownership, circular contracting and rules of engagement. These elements of new governance of TU Delft are elaborated by the Sustainability Core Team, under the Governance theme.

Social Engagement

Engaging people is essential to the success of processes of change. Although certain goals must be set at the board level, the practical elaboration and execution of actions must be done at all levels, and therefore be accepted by people. The Social Engagement team works on the best ways to involve TU Delft community in the sustainable transition.


An essential element of both governance and social engagement, in line with the policy of open science and open public management, communication about the sustainable transition must be informing and enthusing both the TU Delft community and society, in order for everyone to learn. The Communication team works on this continuously.


There is no point setting goals without knowing where we stand and how we can make progress. Therefore, TU Delft started carbon accounting of all activities in 2019. In addition, the Sustainable Development Goals have always been in focus. The Reporting team works on justification of our performance is done through reports and dashboards.

Student initiatives

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