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We are proud of the positive environmental difference we already make through our programmes and the contribution made by staff and students. To achieve even more, we need your help. Join our conscious University community and see each work- or study day as an opportunity to make smart choices which reduce our environmental impact.

Sustainability on the Campus: where science, student organization, services and business come together.

― Gerrit Kahlman, Coordinator Sustainability Operations

Highlighted themes


Many exciting things are happening on the level of food on campus. Food sharing Delft is a group of students who are already active in reducing food waste. On our own campus, there’s a 35% discount in the cafeteria available in the last hour, to battle food waste. On top of that, discounts are available when bringing your own cup and cutlery. The TU Delft is trying to get subsidies on meatless products and introducing a no meat week, starting March 9th. Specific faculties are also setting up projects, for example a ‘Food lab pilot’ in the faculty or Architecture and the Build Environment.


TU Delft encourages employees and students to make smart mobility choices in several ways.
Travelling by train is stimulated for short-distance destinations (< 700 km) and is therefore trying to reduce emissions generated by business travels. Also, the TU started a pilot to encourage employees and students to take the bike more often and let them test e-bikes for free for a period.

Sustainable start-ups (Delft Enterprises & YES!Delft)

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Gerrit Kahlman