Previously known as Green Office, GreenTU Delft is a student organization (part of TU Delft University Corporate Office), devoted to stimulating sustainability in education, research and university operations. It connects students to researchers, teachers and campus operators, with the goal of improving the sustainability performance of TU Delft as a whole.

GreenTU now counts 6 board members dedicated to Education, Operation, Outreach, Event and Communication and creation of new GreenTeams.

Platform and Operational issues

To facilitate the process of a better integration of sustainability into education, we have created the Studenten Duurzaamheids Raad, a platform which unites faculty student councils, study associations and interested students on a bi-monthly base, to discuss future opportunities and to inspire each other through feedback and thematic sessions.

Moreover, to make the education project more effective, we are establishing the GreenTeams, faculty-specific sustainability teams, which will be able to tackle the problem of integrating sustainability on each faculty from an internal and faculty-specific point of view.

There are 4 main operational categories GreenTU is focusing on this academic year:

Food consumption and related problems

Food carbon footprint, food waste, disposable cutlery


Investigating feasibility of better waste management plans, and stimulating recycling projects that are going on on Campus.

Buildings’ Energy Efficiency

Collaborating with Campus Real Estate on the development of projects aimed at reaching better efficiency in the energy consumption of building present at Campus


Support existing mobility plans (e-bike project) , and proposing new initiatives (incentivizing travelling by train instead of by flight for long distance study or work travels).