Academic research is one of the prime tasks of the university. TU Delft’s mission is to contribute significantly to a sustainable society for the twenty-first century by conducting ground-breaking scientific and technological research. TU Delft offers multiple research initiatives, institutes and programmes that focus on sustainability. In addition, TU Delft supports students to join a Dreamteam or to initiate a start-up company after their study.


Valorisation is an important aspect related to research. Academic staff and researchers are supposed to connect their work to societal challenges and transfer knowledge and findings to society. Sustainability in particular is a topic that is of great societal importance, so it is important to link research on climate action, circularity and living quality (for instance) to projects in practice and to execute them with market parties, public institutions and with the involvement of stakeholders.

Technology transfer

As an element of valorisation, technology transfer refers to the application of knowledge for the benefit of the economy and society, which is increasingly important in national and international innovation policy. TU Delft sees it as its societal task to play a leading role in technology transfer and provide ground-breaking solutions that contribute to a better society. 

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