A significant proportion of TU Delft research relates to sustainable development, including many publications in peer-reviewed journals. A subset of sustainability oriented research conducted at TU Delft is listed below, concluding with the most recent Green Office subjects and areas.

Sustainability oriented research departments

Faculties of the TU Delft are split into numerous research departments and topics, some of which have a particular focus on sustainability. Some examples include:

Delft Research-based Initiatives

Other ways of organizing research is through multidisciplinary research initiatives. TU Delft has established Delft Research-based Initiatives (DRIs) in four areas which are among the most important themes in today’s society. These initiatives engage with government and business, identify important opportunities and actively spotlight innovative science. The four areas of research are all closely related to sustainability challenges of today, as they are:

TU Delft Institutes

Another way of clustering research capacity - either physically or virtually - is via university-wide ‘TU Delft Institutes’. These clusters of high-quality research capacity enable TU Delft to join national and international consortia and networks, also making TU Delft more attractive to top scientific talent. TU Delft Institutes are headed by internationally renowned scientists. Examples related to sustainability include:

Research cooperations with external organisations

Some examples of research conducted in cooperation with external initiatives and organisations include:



The Green Office: The Campus as a Living Lab

As sustainability department of the TU Delft, the Green Office also contributes to research conducted on campus. Leendert Verhoef, Sustainability Innovation Program Developer at the Green Office, helps connect campus development to student and researchers. To use our campus as a test and display ground for multi-disciplinary system integration, sustainability and circularity. Living Labs  running on campus as of March 2018 include:

The TU Delft has such a big terrain so many buildings, wouldn’t it be valuable to use that terrain and those buildings to help us develop, test and demonstrate the technologies and implementation of sustainable solutions? These projects are often ideal for coursework assignments and theses. If you have ideas for Living Lab research on our campus or want to discuss opportunities and possibilities to apply your research questions or inventions into the campus, contact us!