TU Delft is developing knowledge relevant to society. Over the years, numerous innovations have been introduced to the world. Next to this, we see it as an obligation to be exemplar in terms of responsible behaviour and sustainable operations. It is important to communicate this. 

TU Delft has always worked to become a sustainable university. We want to make sure that the entire community is aware of our sustainability ambitions, so that everyone can participate.

Everyone working and studying at TU Delft should acknowledge the importance of becoming a sustainable university, understand their role, and feel that they can contribute to this goal. Social engagement is essential to deal with the enormous challenge. 

Multiple projects, actions, and events are being organised at TU Delft to engage students, employees, and external companies to become more sustainable. The Social Engagement team, collaborating closely with the Communication team, is focussing on this.

Impact for a better society

The communication department at TU Delft informs the campus community, alumni, policy makers, and the general public, about the outcome and status of academic research. Different themes and strategies are used to promote sustainability, both internally and externally. Climate action and energy transition are used for external communication, as part of the motto ‘Impact for a better society’. Internally, the university uses the #betterTUgether programme to strengthen the identity of TU Delft.

Short Presence

A large share of the community of TU Delft has a relatively short presence: students stay 2 to 7 years, postdocs 1 to 4 years and PhD candidates on average 5 years. They however can replace history quickly with a new reality. This also counts for all new employees. We inform the TU Delft community about the urgency, the sustainable transition plan and invite them to engage, with responsible behaviour fitting our ambitions.

Communication platforms

Different platforms reach different target groups. TU Delft uses several communication platforms: the TU Delft website, including this sustainability website, an Instagram account: @tudelftcampuslife, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. There is a website on campus development (https://www.tudelftcampus.nl/campus-development/), which also includes sustainable projects and activities. In addition, the university uses posters and displays in building hallways and in relaxing areas, e.g. coffee bars. These are used to inform people, for instance about the waste treatment process of coffee cups and the new travel policy.

Use our expertise

TU Delft uses its faculties with the sustainability themes of their field. For instance, Aerospace Engineering is engaged with sustainable air travel; Civil Engineering with the ecological water system on campus; Architecture with renovation and construction projects. The TU Delft Campus organisation works on a vibrant ecosystem with partners willing to collaborate, create, invest and innovate.

Engaging the community

The TU Delft community is not a homogeneous group. Therefore different strategies are applied to engage different target groups, e.g. raising awareness, creating incentives for motivation (nudging) and enforcement. Together with the students of GreenTU we are focussing on informing, activating and engaging the community, and facilitating where needed. Workshops, symposia, lectures, debates and hackathons are examples thereof.

Green environment

Green (plants, bushes, trees) and water have a strong link with sustainability and human wellbeing. Research shows that a green environment reduces stress and improves the mental health of employees and students. TU Delft wants to implement more green and water at the campus, to combat climate change and to make the community aware of this.