Remote teaching and learning

This page offers suggestions for instructors looking to continue offering a student-centred learning experience in an online learning environment. We aim to provide some practical solutions for moving your teaching online, but please be aware that these guidelines are not intended to support you in developing a complete state-of-the-art online course.

Moving your class online

TU Delft tools

Make sure to choose learning tools which are supported by the TU Delft. This ensures that you comply with the GDPR legislation. See this overview of tools you can use (Green = Save to use)

TU Delft offers a wide variety of tools for education. We’ve listed the most important once for remote education.


Video recording tools

  • Kaltura: Do-it-yourself video tool for recording from webcam/screencasting (i.e., ppt or screen) and video repository for videos created with Kaltura tool or other video tools. From the repository, videos can be integrated and reused in Brightspace course content.

Unsupported tools (you’re on your own!)

  • Screenrecorder: PowerPoint (Windows, macOS), Camtasia (Paid, Windows & macOS), OBS Studio (OpenSource, Windows, macOS, Linux), Screencast-o-matic (Free/Paid, Web), Snagit (Paid, Windows & macOS) Quicktime (Free, macOS)
  • Editing: Camtasia (paid, Windows & macOS), Shotcut (OpenSource, Windows & macOS), iMovie (Free, macOS)
  • Phone: You can also use your phone to record (short) video clips)


Video lecturing tools & Live stream

  • There are multiple tools to give a video lecture/synchronous session. See the overview Comparing Online Meeting Tools to decide which tool is best for you.
  • For live streaming and recordings of your lectures (in a lecture hall), please contact Collegerama
  • To record a video in a (Do-It-Yourself) studio, please contact the New Media Centre.


Remote teaching tools

TU Delft offers a wide range of remote teaching tools.


How to get assistance if necessary:

  • Teaching Support: Support on Brightspace, educational tools, and educational advise.
  • Training and workshops for instructors. If you are interested in a (virtual) workshop, but the date does not suit you; contact
  • Teaching Academy: find peers and inspiration on education. Also check the webinars on remote education.
  • Collegerama: For live-streaming and recording of your lectures
  • New Media Centre: for video recording in a studio, or to book a Do-It-Yourself studio.

Helpful links

Here are some helpful links from our colleagues in the higher education sector:

Thanks to Teaching Effectively During Times of Disruption, for SIS and PWR by Jenae Cohn and Beth Seltzer, Stanford Edu. CC-BY-NC-SA