Create Checklists

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We have seen from prior courses at the TU Delft that a great way to keep students engaged in your course is to add a simple checklist. Checklists are a well-known tool to ensure things are done properly. Items that you can add in the checklist can be as simple as “read this document” or “attend this lecture at this location, on this date and time”. These can be linked to the activities students are due to complete.

Students check off those items for themselves. It is not used as a tool for you to track their progress, more as a tool for students to track their own progress.

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The advantage about these checklists is that you have these large headings to group items, with tasks that go into the checklist.

This is especially helpful to students so that they can see which assignments or other course materials they needed to complete directly from the checklist. Once they are done, they can come back to it and check it off.