Create Questions in Quizzes, Surveys and Self-Assessment

On this page you learn how to create Questions in Brightspace and what type of questions there are.

Creating Questions

There are two ways to create questions in Quizzes, Surveys and Self Assessments:

  • Add new questions directly
  • Build a Question Library (and import them into your Quiz, Survey or Self Assessment).
    Tip: The advantage of using the Question Library is that all questions that you create will be saved there and can be reused later in any new Quiz, Survey or Self-Assessment.

For most question types you will follow more or less the same steps to add questions:

Question types

Before looking into Automatic Grading do note that the the question types are categorized as follows:
Textual: Written Response, Short answer, Multi-short answer, Fill in the blanks.
Organizing: Matching, Ordering.
Checking Boxes: True-false, Multiples Choice, Multi-select.
Calculation: Arithmetic, Significant figures