While handling confidential documents, please be aware that documents uploaded to Ouriginal will be automatically saved in their database. While using the Ouriginal Quick Submit page the documents will not be used for further reference material, but still be saved and accessible in the database. Documents can be requested to be removed by contacting Teaching Support. 

Ouriginal is the replacement tool for TurnitIn. Although the main functionalities are the same, the previous tools Grademark and Peermark are no longer available. However, there are some alternatives in place:
Check alternatives for Grademark
Check alternatives for Peermark

Ouriginal is a plagiarism detection tool that can be activated for Brightspace Assignments. After setting up an Assignment, you can enable Ouriginal to check assignments for plagiarism. Students can submit their written, electronic assignments through Brightspace Assignments.

Creating Ouriginal assignments consists of three steps:
•    Creating an Assignment.
•    Enabling Ouriginal for the Assignment.
•    Making the Assignment available to students.

Students can then upload Assignments and view their similarity reports (if enabled).

If you are missing sources, please use the temporary workaround in the ‘Viewing the similarity report section‘.

Please be aware that any draft submissions enabled for plagiarism can interfere with the student’s final submission results. This means if a different staff member enables the plagiarism tool in another assignment, the student’s submissions will be treated as separate files, often resulting in a very high similarity score (usually 100%). See also the FAQ on self-plagiarism at the bottom of this page.

Set up Ouriginal

Similarity Report

Ouriginal Quick Submit for Teaching Staff

Ouriginal Quick Submit is a tool for Teaching staff to use Ouriginal without having to set up Ouriginal within a Brightspace course. This can be useful when only 1 or 2 documents need to be submitted. As teaching staff, however, you will have to manually upload all assignments one by one, which is why it is recommended to set up Ouriginal within your own course when dealing with large numbers of assignments.
It takes up to 30 minutes to see the similarity report after uploading the assignment. Afterwards the report can be viewed by selecting Ouriginal and then Plagiarism Submission Details.

Assignments handed in via Ouriginal Quick submit will be stored in the Ouriginal database, however, they are not used for future similarity reports.