Setting up a Brightspace Assignment for an exam

Read this first

  1. Brightspace assignments can be used to distribute exams over your students, either as a whole exam, or -to diminish possibilities to exchange information on exam questions- per large question (max 2-4 questions). Students download the exam, create answers in a text editor (for example Word) or with pen and paper on blank sheets, and upload the result to Brightspace before the deadline (due date).
  2. If your exam will be split in multiple consecutive time slots, you will create multiple Brightspace quizzes, each with their own score.
    Create a ‘category’ that will contain the grade based on the scores of the individual quizzes.
  3. Your teaching assistants have access to assignments and quizzes. If your faculty, programme or Board of Examiners does not allow TAs to have access to assignments or quizzes before or after the exam, you will have to change their status to ‘student’. It is not possible to deny student assistants from Brightspace Support access to Brightspace Quizzes or Brightspace Assignments.
  4. The list of students who registered for the exam does not always match the list of students enrolled in your Brightspace course. As a result, students who did register but not enrol in Brightspace (e.g. students who failed the course last year), may miss official announcements on the exam. Therefore, make sure to enrol all students who registered for the exam in Brightspace and resend them important information on the exam, if needed.
    Officially, students need to register for an exam in order to be allowed to take the exam. That way, the exam desk will check if students meet the requirements to be allowed to take the exam (e.g. passed previous tests or courses, enrolled in the programme, etc.). Registration furthermore allows you as a teacher enough time to adapt fraud prevention measures to the number of students participating (more students, more versions for example), prepare the settings of the exam for the individual students, and arrange extra correctors if needed to grade the exam before the deadline (10 or 15 working days after the exam date).

Distributing different exam versions

Sometimes you want to split your class into two or more groups and give each group a different version of the exam. If you use Brightspace Assignments there are 3 ways to do this. Also, there are some generals things to take in account. Please read them below.