Online Education

An emergency kit of teaching resources to help you quickly move your campus course to the online, blended or hybrid mode. What’s inside?

In gaming, a player often carries a backpack with various essential elements and tools to help them succeed in the game. The Extension School and ESA Teaching and Learning Services have teamed up and created a Lecturer Backpack filled with various online teaching resources ready for you to grab and go.

What’s in the kit?

Self-paced courses

The Online Teaching and Learning for Campuses Courses on Brightspace guides you on how to make quick adjustment to your own course and shift from on-campus to online, including soon available adaptations for the hybrid and blended formats. Use its handy ‘course scan’ to evaluate the various elements of your course and to create a transfer plan.  Contact your faculty Blended Learning Advisor or Coordinator Wiebe Dijkstra if you have questions.
Course modules:

  • Is your course ready to go online?
  • Design & storyboard your online course
  • Prepare to teach your online course
  • Build your online course
  • Next steps
  • Faculty specific information.

The Möbius Training workshop shows you how to design and evaluate digital exams, including how to build exam questions in Mobius. This training could be of particular interest to teaching assistants.

The Scripting, Presenting and Effective Use of Media  has been updated to give you practical tips and key do’s and don’ts so that you can be confident in creating and presenting using videos. Course modules:

  • Writing a script,
  • Presenting in front of the camera
  • Effective use of media.

Courses with webinars

In Designing an Online Course (DOC), participants walk through designing or re-designing a course. The course is flexible, so you can come with an on-campus course format and redesign for a blended, hybrid, or online one with five weeks. You will draft a course blueprint and storyboard and create a practice module in your usual platform.  
Next starting date: 25 January 2022.

In Teaching an Online Course (TOC), participants run a synchronous webinar in the format and platform of their choice to test out their setup. This gives you as lecturer the space to try out the 4-quadrant system and receive feedback from the instructors before using it with your own students.
Next starting date: 15 March 2022


Since March 2020, a series of weekly webinars is on offer based on topics of interest requested directly by lecturers. Join and find out more, discuss with peers and keep up to date with important changes.

Whenever assessment policies change, guest speaker Lisette Harting will participate to give you an update on the latest information.

Useful recordings

Key topics of interest during the previous lockdowns were creating videos from home, working with audio from home, student engagement, assessments, Brightspace setup questions, and the hybrid format. Herewith quick links to the two most popular webinar recordings:

 And specials part of your backpack:

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