Team Business Relations

Team Business Relations has an extended network both inside and outside TU Delft. The team members are well informed on the latest scientific research at TU Delft, and they know the needs from the private sector. This enables them to contribute to very effective market research, business development and matchmaking between small medium and large enterprises and researchers. To initiate and facilitate sustainable collaborations, the team continuously searches for key-partners in multidisciplinary settings, resulting in research frame agreements in a later phase. Along with its TU Delft colleagues they host events such as the CTO diners and the TU Delft Research Exhibition. 

Team Coördinator / X!Delft

Zwanet van Lubek

High Tech / Oil & Gas / Safety & Security

Antal Baggerman

Optics / Aerospace / Robotics

Anke Peters

Cleantech / Infrastructure / TU Delft Campus

Friso Lippmann

Health / Food / Chemistry

Steven Lohle

Medtech / TU Delft Global Initiative

Emelie van Bentum

Patents & Licencing

Licence agreements and partnerships are an important part of the valorisation of inventions and technical know-how developed at the university. The Intellectual Property Team explores the various possibilities, protects the intellectual property and gives advice on the commercialisation process to the employees and students of Delft University of Technology. They also advise on compliance with national regulations and compatibility with national and international research programmes.   

Project Management & Development

The Project Management Team consists of experts in large scale project development and project management. The team explores, initiates, implements, coordinates and manages research and innovation projects, which are often formed in consortia. Through these projects, experts from TU Delft, other knowledge institutes and public and private organisations jointly respond to global challenges of sustainability, including energy use, delta technology, health, mobility and water and waste management. The projects aim to accelerate innovation by (start-up) companies in both The Netherlands and abroad. In its living labs, all parties contributing to these developments can test and demonstrate their innovations, and introduce the innovations to potential customers, decision makers, investors, media and end users.


Advisors from the Research Funding Teams assist academics in obtaining research grants. They also engage in dialogue with industry, policy makers and politicians of the Netherlands and the European Union. The Funding Teams and academic staff have jointly been successfully engaged in agenda setting for research investment policies and the development of its large scale and long term research programmes (flagships) at the Dutch governmental bodies and the European Union.

For general information and questions about the Valorisation Centre, please contact or call +31 (0)15 278 67 51