TU Delft has traditionally been an application-oriented university where many innovations originate that find their way in society, including through entrepreneurship. Large companies are created by students who have a good idea and turn this idea into an enterprise.

Delft enterprises is the one-stop-shop for entrepreneurship and spin-out companies that have arisen from scientific research at TU Delft. The power of Delft Enterprises is to connect innovation (promising ideas from TU Delft), entrepreneurship (talented students and staff) and funding so that the valuable knowledge of the university makes its way to market. 

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Delft Enterprises provides funding in cooperation with TU Delft to (future) entrepreneurs in various stages of product development or the process. Advice can be exchanged and the rich network of TU Delft is made available.

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The Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship (DCE), part of the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, is responsible for the provision of several education programmes at bachelor and master level and contributes to PhD training and various other teaching programmes.

The programmes serve approximately 400 students across the faculties of TU Delft with the goal of increasing their entrepreneurial activity and eventually the start-up of new technology-based firms or venture projects within established organisations.  

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Together with scientists, teachers and entrepreneurs from TU Delft, the tech-incubator YES!Delft, the Valorisation Centre and Delft Enterprises, the DCE engages engineering students to contribute to the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem of TU Delft.

The activities of DCE rest on three pillars: (1) Education on Entrepreneurship; (2) Research on Entrepreneurship; (3) How to put entrepreneurial activities into practice. The interaction between these three pillars is vital to enhance entrepreneurship education and to preserve its quality at the highest level, as well as providing starting entrepreneurs with the latest developments and insights. In doing so, it is important to engage with experts from industry to obtain the latest insights and share these with students, young entrepreneurs and researchers.

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To further facilitate and stimulate technical entrepreneurship, the city of Delft and TU Delft founded the incubator YES!Delft  in 2005. This initiative has given a great boost to the success of many innovative start-ups for over the years. 

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The companies within YES!Delft are active in sectors such as energy, medical & health, mobility, 'clean' technology and industrial solutions. Yes!Delft helps to turn promising technological ideas into solid start-ups and offers guidance and support to graduates, scientists, engineers and professionals during their journey of starting up. It brings more focus to the long and short term growth of complex technologies. Yes!Delft offers a platform for mentors, experts, investors and partners who want to share their knowledge and experience with entrepreneurs. 


Join the global robotics community at where researchers, government agencies and corporations are closely working together on the next generation of robotics. It’s a great place to meet other ‘robotic minds’, to start a company or to open a branch. 

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