New users

There is a monthly introduction program for new users. Please register and fill in all relevant personal data.

You will receive an email and you will be asked to verify your application, to read the safety and behavior rules. In addition you will need to email the signed hospitality declaration to the secretary. After approval you will be invited for the intake session and you will need to register for the required cleanroom capabilities.

The introduction takes a whole day, in general the first Monday of the month. For the demonstration specific per capability please check the introduction schedule for 2017! Access to the cleanroom will be granted after pickup of user box, TNO keycard, following the intake and safety instructions.

Simplified procedure for non-cleanroom users (e.g. TEM)

Please read the safety and behavior rules for non-cleanroom users and sign the hospitality declaration and send it to the secretary: .

Ask one of the system administrators to make an account for you. Please ignore the automatic generated mail about intake and capabilities. Go to TNO desk for temporary badge and take photo for final badge.

After training on the equipment owner can authorize you for entering room P.00.320 and, if applicable, make reservations on the individual tools.

Introductions 2017
Monday, start at 9.00 hrs (mostly in room D106) 
9 January (start 09.30)
6 February
6 March
3 April
3 May (Wednesday)
6 June
3 July
4 September
9 October
6 November
4 December