Profile, facts and figures

The Faculty of Applied Sciences’ main ambition is to contribute to resolving the major social challenges of our time through its teaching and research. These challenges include a secure, safe, clean and efficient energy supply, health (e.g. effective medicines), security of food supply, green economy/bio-economy, safety and security (also in terms of information transfer) and innovation. The faculty aims to be among the best in the world in a number of research areas. 

Research at the Faculty of Applied Sciences is fundamental and application-oriented in nature and spread over six departments. The Faculty offers research-oriented education at both undergraduate (BSc) and postgraduate (MSc, PDEng, PhD) levels.

The domains of science the Faculty targets through its education and research are:

  • life and health science & technology,
  • nanoscience & technology,
  • chemical engineering,
  • radiation science & technology and
  • applied physics.

Long term strategic plan

Please read the Long term strategic plan Towards 2020 of the Faculty of Applied Sciences (PDF or Digital Online version).