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The Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM)

With its excellent education and research at the intersection of technology, society and policy, the Faculty of TPM makes an important contribution to solving complex technical-social issues, such as energy transition, climate change, mobility, digitalisation, water management and (cyber) security.

We combine insights from the engineering sciences, the social and the humanities. We develop robust models and designs, are internationally oriented and have an extensive network with knowledge institutions, companies, social organisations and governments.

We train our engineers to deal with current and future challenges and to build a resilient society. TPM employs more than 200 academic staff and about 190 PhD students. There are more than 2000 bachelor and master students. Do you want to work in a challenging and vibrant environment and do you aspire an academic career with a focus on education? Then apply to one of our positions below.

Since my tenure track position at TPM has a focus on education, I am constantly inspired by interacting with motivated students, and seeing their progress. At the same time, in my research I enjoy employing interdisciplinary perspectives to deal with complex problems in energy transition. I am also able to explore the link between my teaching and research. I strongly believe emphasising education in this tenure track system is great as the combination of both education and research is crucial for the academic excellence.

Özge Okur, Assistant Professor

The transition from being a lecturer at TU Delft to the education focused Tenure Track position has enabled me to improve my own teaching, but more importantly has meant taking on roles where I can directly help expand and continue to develop the wide range of teaching my section—Ethics & Philosophy of Technology—offers to students throughout the entire university. In my research and in my teaching I think about how to engage engineering and other technical students with the ethical, social, and environmental issues they’ll encounter, and I’m starting to study the impacts of ethics and philosophy teaching on engineering students. I’m very happy for the opportunity this position affords me to join the many faculty and staff members already dedicated to education at TU Delft.

Andrea Gammon, Assistant Professor

The most attractive aspect of tenure track position with focus on education is that in addition to research, you are able to experiment and practice innovative teaching methods in the classroom as well as outside. You are encouraged to take risks and grow equally as both –– a scientist and an educator. You can also focus on studying domains that are imperative to students' academic success, such as well-being, and subsequently make an impact on education quality as well as practice and advocate for inclusive learning environment.

Natalia Barbour, Assistant professor

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