Alumni Network TPM is the Alumni network by  and for alumni who completed a BSc or MSc programme at the faculty TPM. The purpose of the network: maintaining contacts between alumni and between alumni and the TPM faculty. We ask all students who have completed a programme at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management to become a member of this network.

The network organizes various meetings every year. The purpose of these meetings is, among other things, to maintain contact with former fellow students in an informal way. Guest speakers are also invited to some meetings on various interesting and stimulating topics.

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Have you completed one of the following programmes? Register now as an alumnus of TPM.

  • Technische Bestuurskunde (BSc)
  • Engineering & Policy Analysis (MSc)
  • Complex Systems Engineering & Management (Before 2017: Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management) (MSc)
  • Management of Technology (MSc)

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