A.R. (Aashis) Joshi


I am a PhD candidate in the Ethics and Philosophy of Technology and the Energy and Industry sections at the TPM faculty at TU Delft. In my research I use agent-based modelling to explore the societal conditions and processes that are conducive to achieving resilient and just climate adaptations for differentially capable actors. With the models I attempt to operationalize the principles of ethics and justice that are relevant in a given adaptation context as actor responsibilities, and evaluate their effects on well-being and social equity.

I have a master’s degree in energy and environmental engineering from the Erasmus Mundus consortium of the Queen’s University of Belfast, the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and the Institut Mines-Télécom in Nantes, France, and a bachelor’s degree in chemical and environmental engineering from Dartmouth College, United States.


Aashis’s research focuses on using agent-based modelling to shed light on responsibility arrangements and policies for climate change adaptation which are effective, impart resilience to communities, and are ethically just.


Aashis Joshi

PhD candidate

Engineering Systems and Services
Values, Technology and Innovation

Energy and Industry
Ethics/Philosophy of Technology

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