Drs. J.J. (Jan-Jelle) Witte


At TU Delft I am an external PhD candidate focusing on urban transport policy, specifically the impact of parking and cordon pricing on modal choice. Besides this I am also a researcher and teacher at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Centre for Urban, Port and Transport Economics (Erasmus UPT). My background is in Transport Geography and Economics, and I undertake both quantitative (OLS, multilevel analysis, SEM) and qualitative research projects.


Currently studying the impact of parking pricing on (sustainable) mode choice, and the place of parking policy in Land Use – Transport interaction. I am also interested in the economic impact of (urban) transport policy, particularly in the case of the retail sector, and the relation between parking policy, residential preferences and travel behavior.

Jan-Jelle Witte

External PhD candidate

  • j.j.witte@tudelft.nl
  • Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management

    Building 31



Engineering Systems and Services

Transport and Logistics

Research interests:
Transport Policy
Land Use – Transport interaction
Transport Economics
Transport Geography
Parking Policy
Policy Evaluation 

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