Drs.ing. A.T.C. (Sander) Onstein


  • PhD student TU Delft – TPM
  • Researcher / lecturer Logistics – Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS)


Sander performed his PhD research under supervision of Prof.dr.ir. Lori Tavasszy (TU Delft), dealing with company decision making on distribution channel layout from production to consumption and the location(s) of distribution centers. The research strategy is qualitative and includes case studies into three industry sectors: fashion, consumer electronics and online retail. The thesis can be downloaded here.

Sander also works as a lecturer and researcher at the logistics department of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). His teaching activities include, amongst others, Physical Distribution (1st year students) and Supply Chain Management (2nd year bachelor students). As a researcher he is part of the Urban Technology research group, an interdisciplinary research group (logistics, engineering and built environment) within Faculty of Technology.

His research interests include distribution structures and spatial patterns of logistics facilities, as well as analysis, design and (technological) solutions to improve supply chain operations.

From 2012 – 2014 he worked on RAAK-PRO research project called ‘Supply Chain and Network Strategies for Logistics SMEs’. The research focused on strengthening the position of logistics SMEs at Schiphol airport and the Port of Amsterdam. He coordinated (student) research for several companies, e.g., KLM, ICL Fertilizers and FloraHolland. Next to this he carried out a benchmark study on Airport-Seaport regions.

  • Onstein, S., Tavasszy, L., & van Damme, D. (2018). Factors determining distribution structure decisions in logistics: a literature review and research agenda. Transport Reviews: a transnational, transdisciplinary journal. https://doi.org/10.1080/01441647.2018.1459929
  • Goeij, C.A.J. de, Onstein, A.T.C. en M. Steeman (2015). Impediments to the Adoption of Reverse Factoring for Logistics Service Providers. In H. Zijm, M. Klumpp, U. Clausen & M. ten Hompel (Eds.), Logistics and Supply Chain Innovation: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice (pp. 261 – 277). Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.

Sander Onstein

PhD candidate

Engineering Systems and Services

Transport and Logisitcs

Research interests:
Distribution structures
Distribution centre locations
Case study research

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