Ir. K.P.H. (Kasper) Lange


After graduating at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft, Kasper Lange started working as a Research and Development Engineer in the manufacturing Industry. After a couple of years he decided to dedicate his career to Sustainable Engineering research and education at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). In 2015 he received a scholarship from AUAS to start a PhD research project on Design Research for Industrial Symbiosis in Urban Agriculture. Since March 2017, the project is also financed by The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO, project number 023.009.037)


The PhD project aims to offer insights into the contribution of a novel participatory modelling and simulation approach for the circular economy. During the project, simulation models and games are built with stakeholders in multiple case studies in The Netherlands. The models and simulations provide insights into the recovery of organic waste, and transformation into products for local use, such as compost and biogas. The proposed methods and outcomes aim to help practitioners and students in understanding and shaping resource recovery for the circular economy.

As an external PhD candidate he occasionally coaches students at TPM and gives lectures at the Master Industrial Ecology, a collaborative educational programme of TPM (TU Delft) & CML (Leiden University).

  • Lange, K.P.H., Korevaar, G., Oskam, I.F., Nikolic, I., Herder, P.M., 2021. Agent-based modelling and simulation for circular business model experimentation. Resour. Conserv. Recycl. Adv. 12, 200055.
  • Lange, K.P.H., Korevaar, G., Nikolic, I., Herder, P.M., 2021. Actor Behaviour and Robustness of Industrial Symbiosis Networks: An Agent-Based Modelling Approach. J. Artif. Soc. Soc. Simul. 24.
  • Lange, Kasper P.H.; Korevaar, Gijsbert; Oskam, Inge F.; Herder, Paulien M. 2017. "Developing and Understanding Design Interventions in Relation to Industrial Symbiosis Dynamics." Sustainability 9, no. 5: 826. 
  • Lange, K. P. H., Korevaar, G., Oskam, I. F., & Herder, P. M. (2022). Re-organise: Game-Based Learning of Circular Business Model Innovation. Frontiers in Sustainability3(809700).
  • Lecturer Research and Design Methods at the faculty of Engineering at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Kasper Lange

PhD candidate

Engineering Systems and Services


Energy and Industry

Research interests:

Industrial Symbiosis
Design Research
Agent-based Modelling
Urban Agriculture
Circular Design & Smart Production

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