Ir. M. (Mannat) Kaur


Mannat received her MSc in aerospace engineering from TU Delft during which she specialized in air transport & operations. Her master thesis focused on better understanding how coordination takes place among human-human and human-machine agents in complex sociotechnical systems. The aim of this project was to add to the growing body of knowledge towards improving aviation safety by obtaining a deeper understanding of the underlying coordination mechanisms (how they operate, how they break-down and how they’re repaired) in sociotechnical systems. Mannat also has a bachelors in mechanical engineering from RITM Bangalore, India. 

Prior to starting her PhD research, she was working as a consultant and disseminating knowledge about the new approach to safety (Safety-II) among organizations while enabling change towards a more pro-active and success-oriented organizational safety culture.


Starting September 2018, Mannat has begun her PhD research at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. This PhD project aims to better comprehend human factors in cybersecurity and subsequently, try and mitigate security misconfigurations attributed to the so-called human errors. 

Mannat believes that there is a need to better understand the human operator in the system and create systems around the operator instead of the other way round.

Mannat Kaur

PhD Researcher

Engineering Systems and Services
Information and Communication Technology

Research interests:
Human Factors
Safety & Security
Sociotechnical Systems (MAS)
Agent-Based Approach

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