Ir. S.E. (Samantha) Tanzer


Samantha Eleanor Tanzer is a PhD Candidate researching Negative Emissions in the Industrial Sector within the Energy & Industry group at TBM. She obtained a joint master’s degree in Industrial Ecology at TU Delft and Universitiet Leiden (summa cum laude), and her bachelor’s degree in Economics at Swarthmore College in the US. Between her bachelor’s and master’s, she worked for five years in education software project management in Boston, MA, USA.


Negative emissions are considered necessary by many models in order to reach climate targets below 2C of global warming, but considerable research is needed to reduce uncertainties about their efficacy, and determine on what scale and time line they could be practically implemented. Samantha studies the potential integration of negative emissions technologies, such as the use of bioenergy and carbon capture and sequestration or direct air capture of carbon dioxide, into industrial systems.

Samantha Tanzer

PhD Candidate

Engineering Systems and Services

Energy and Industry

Research interests:
Negative emissions in industry
Carbon capture, utilization and storage
Novel technology assessment
Low carbon systems

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