J.K.A. (Jannis) Langer


I am a PhD candidate at the department of Engineering, Systems and Services in the research group of Energy & Industries. My academic background is Mechanical Engineering (BEng) at OTH Regensburg, Germany and Sustainable Energy Technology (MSc) at TU Delft. From 2018 until 2020, I was a Junior Consultant in Energy and Environmental Innovation for one of the biggest retail groups worldwide. There, I implemented multiple projects in the fields of solar photovoltaics, battery storage and e-mobility.


My research revolves around renewable energy technologies and their socio-economic integration to existing energy systems. One of them is Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), a promising technology for clean electricity production using the heat stored in the ocean. While my former studies looked at OTEC’s economic potential from a global perspective, my recent work focusses more on Indonesia. My PhD thesis covers the combined techno-economic potential of several renewable energies and their system integration in Kalimantan and Bali, Indonesia.

  • Langer J, Cahyaningwidi AA, Chalkiadakis C, Quist J, Hoes O, Blok K. Plant siting and economic potential of ocean thermal energy conversion in Indonesia: A novel GIS-based methodology. Vol 224, Energy. Elsevier Ltd; 2021.
  • Langer J, Quist J, Blok K. Recent progress in the economics of ocean thermal energy conversion: Critical review and research agenda. Vol. 130, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. Elsevier Ltd; 2020.

Jannis Langer

PhD candidate

  • Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
    Building 31

Engineering Systems and Services

Energy and Industry

Research interests:
Renewable Energy Potential
Renewable Energies in Indonesia
Demand-Side Flexibility
Battery Storage
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)