S. (Sina) Eslamizadeh


Sina is a PhD candidate within the Energy and Industry section at TPM, TU Delft. He holds a B.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), Iran, and an MBA degree in Marketing and Finance from Steinbeis University of Berlin,Germany.


Sina’s current research is about studying how transition to renewable energy can be achieved in an industrial cluster by a collective approach in oil rich countries like Iran. He is conducting his research under the supervision of Dr. Amineh Ghorbani as his daily supervisor and Prof. Margot Weijnen as his promoter.

During this research he is employing Institutional Analysis and Development (IAD) and Social Ecological Systems (SES) frameworks as a part of his methodology which were adopted from Nobel prize winner Elinor Ostrom. Agent-based modelling will also be a part of his research. 

Sina Eslamizadeh

PhD candidate

Engineering Systems and Services

Energy and Industry

Research interests:
Transition to renewable energy
Collective renewable energy production
Institutional analysis and design
Sustainable collective action
Community energy systems

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