Emeritus Prof.dr.ir. J. (Jan) van den Berg


Having finalized my secundary school in Dordrecht (Gemeentelijk Lyceum, gymnasium-) in 1970, I studied mathematics and physics at the TUDelft while being active in the national student movement. In 1977, I received the diplome of Mathematical Engineer.

From 1977-1989, I lectured courses in mathematics, physics and computer science on institutes of higher education in Breda and Eindhoven, and mathematics and physics at the secundary school of Nampula, Mozambique.

From 1989-2006, I worked at the Econometric Institute of Erasmus University Rotterdam. There, I lectured courses in computer science and economics, and did research in many fields, especially in computational intelligence, with applications in combinatorial optimization, finance, agriculture, philosophy, bibliometrics, among others. My PhD-thesis entitled "Neural Relaxation Dynamics" was finalized in 1996.

From 2006 up till now, I worked at TUDelft again, mostly on topics related to (Big) Data Analytics and/or Cyber Security. On July 9 2013, I was appointed as full professor Cyber Security at this university both at the faculty of EEMCS and that of TPM.
June 2015 I have been appointed as full professor Cyber Security at Leiden University as well. 


I. Development of Intelligent Data Analysis methods for Improved Decision Making.
II. Theory and Applications of Complex Systems (with emergent properties based on self-organisation at the edge of order & chaos).
III. (Information Systems) Safety, Security, Risk and Related Topics.
IV. (Other) Applications in Finance, Sustainable Development, Philosophy, Healthcare. 

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  • Introduction to Cyberspace
    February-March 2018
    Executive MSc Cyber Security of the Cyber Security The Hague
    ECTS: 5
  • Guest lectures of all kind, both in regular education, professional education and on request of public and private organizations.

Jan van den Berg

Emeritus Professor Cyber Security [1] Scientific Director [2] Super Rotterdam Marathon Master

Engineering Systems and Services (TPM) [1]
Intelligent Systems (EEMCS) [1]
Institute of Security and Global Affairs, Leiden University [1]
Cyber Security Academy The Hague [2]

Cyber security (EEMCS), Information and Communication Technology (TPM)

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Prof.dr.ir. J. van den Berg

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