Dr. A.B. (Abidah) Setyowati


Abidah B. Setyowati is an interdisciplinary social scientist with a background in human-environment geography from Rutgers University-the State University of New Jersey. Her research interests focus broadly on energy governance, climate finance, natural resources and climate governance, nature-based climate solutions, and gender with a regional focus in Southeast Asia.

Dr Setyowati draws primarily on political ecology, governance and science and technology studies (STS) frameworks to examine the politics of energy transition, energy justice, the nexus of climate justice and finance, and the link between contemporary processes of the commodification of nature to more longitudinal processes of change in natural resources and climate governance. She collaborates with multidisciplinary scientists to examine the articulation of these processes with market-based energy and climate governance reforms.


Her research has been supported by numerous grants and awards, such as APIP Research Development Award (2020-2021), APIP Research Excellence Award (2019-2020), the National Science Foundation – Dissertation Improvement Grant/NSF DDIG (2011-2013), UNDP Human Development Fellowship (2011-2013), Margaret McNamara Award (2013-2014), and Louise Bevier Dissertation Completion Fellowship (2013-2014) and Fulbright Fellowship (2008-2011). Dr Setyowati has undertaken commissioned research and policy advisory works for  international and multilateral agencies such as UNDP, FAO, UNEP, UNREDD, USAID, among others.

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Abidah Setyowati

Senior Postdoc Fellow

Engineering Systems and Services

Energy and Industry