Dr. M.L.A. (Marco) Kouwenhoven


Marco is a part-time researcher at Delft University of Technology. He is also a Research Leader at Significance, an independent research institute specialised in quantitative research on mobility and transport. As a consultant, he has been involved in several large modelling projects (e.g. demand forecasting models for road, rail and air transport) and stated preference projects (both design and analysis).


I am currently working on several projects to model the choices that people make when travelling. These are both methodological (can we use artificial neural networks for this?) and practical (what is the value of travel time, to what extent is this dependent on the level of comfort and on how you use your travel time)?

  • Kouwenhoven, M. and de Jong, G.C. (2018) Value of Travel Time as a Function of Comfort, Journal of Choice Modelling, 28, 97-107

  • Kouwenhoven, M. and Warffemius, P. (2017), Forecasting Travel Time Reliability in Road Transport, in OECD/ITF(2017) Quantifying the Socio-Economic Benefits of Transport, ITF Round table Reports, No 160, OECD Publishing, Paris

  • Kouwenhoven, M., de Jong, G.C., Koster, P., van den Berg, V.A.C. , Verhoef, E.T., Bates J.J.  and Warffemius, P. (2014) New values of time and reliability in passenger transport in The Netherlands,  Research in Transportation Economics (RETREC), 47,  p. 37-49.

  • Kroes, E., Kouwenhoven, M., Debrincat, L., Pauget, N. (2014) Value of Crowding on Public Transport in Île-de-France, France, Transportation Research Record, 2014, p. 37-45.

Marco Kouwenhoven


Engineering Systems and Services

Transport and Logistics

Betty van Koppen

Research interests:
Travel behaviour research
Large-scale travel demand models
Discrete Choice Modelling (DCM) 
Value of Travel Time, Travel Time                    Reliability and Travel Time Comfort
Agent-based Modelling and Simulation            (ABM)
Ex-post analysis of transport policies

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